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Necessity is the mother of invention.

AI Trader systems and applications are developed by the team of Kingdom Mining’s in-house hardware and software engineers. As the largest Crypto mine in the Middle East where we are generating cryptocurrencies and hodling the same as other miners do, we experienced a problem as most do. How to maximise our returns with the least possible risk to the hard earned coins? Especially in a bear market as we endured from Jan to April.

To increase our returns we developed and deployed teams of cryptocurrency traders experts and developers from the areas of AI, Machine Learning and Deep learning to enhance our returns from our mining operations. Our autonomous trading platforms went live for inhouse trading in March 2018. On experiencing phenomenal results in a matter of months we felt it is best to share our platform with the crypto community across the world under a licensed software scheme.

The last few months we have improved both our AI technology and UX to a degree incomparable in the market. The result is an application that trades on your behalf which is incredibly simple to use and offers unmatched results.

We are working hard everyday to add more exchanges on to the platforms and currently offer both cryptocurrency trading and leverage trading options using our systems (binance and bitmex). Unlike other trading bots, available in the market where users have to select one amongst several trading bot options, select several trading parameters our AI ecosystem completely automates the same for users. Simply choose a pair you wish to trade and hit the play button. The AI does all the rest for you.

We strive to make continuous improvements on our platform and add more options for crypto-traders to trade with confidence.


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