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AI Trader uses Artificial Intelligence to review and make trading decisions based on real-time market information. AI Trader has been programmed to recognise market conditions optimal for trading in order to realise gains from the market. There are two modes in which our users can trade in, autonomous AI Trading and OCO Trading. In AI Trading mode once a strategy is chosen the AI begins trading autonomously seeking optimal trading results. In the OCO mode, the platform offers you a unique opportunity to trade on all pairs with the ability to place BOTH a stop loss and take profit simultaneously. Here you can learn the core functions and features of all primary modules that are built into our application. The application has four main interfaces, The Dashboard, The Strategy Panel, The OCO Panel and The History panel. You can find their features below.




The AI Trader Dashboard provides an overview of your entire AI trading account. All essential trading information is collated here. It gives you a summary and a snapshot of both your trading history and your current trading performance metrics. It enables you to build a wider perspective on your trading life-cycle with AI Trader. We have explained the key features of our dashboard here


Total Binance Equity

Displays the summation of all currencies value that you hold in your currency exchange account in a Bitcoin equivalent figure. Once AI Trader finishes trading a particular strategy the net gains are added or deducted to this figure.


Not all currencies that you hold in your exchange account can be traded with. For instance the, currencies you can trade with using the Binance exchange account are BTC, BNB, ETH & USDT. The available trade equity is the summation of all currencies you can trade with currently available in your exchange account and is displayed in a Bitcoin equivalent figure.


This figure reflects the total sum of money in a bitcoin equivalent figure, you have invested in AI Trader strategies at any given point in time.


Give you an overview of your trading activity in the defined time frame. You can change the time frame by clicking on the dates displayed. It summarizes the total trades you took part in, the total profits and losses you yielded. You can also see the average equity you have invested in all your trading strategies. The realized value shows you the profit or loss percent of the trades that you ended whereas the unrealized amount projects the current profit or loss you are making all strategies that are currently live.

Currently Trading Strategies

Displays the strategies and the currencies you are currently trading.




The strategy panel is your primary trading tool. AI Trader was developed based on two core principles, “keep it simple” & “make it transparent”. We have intentionally kept our platform simple. Instead of offering several bots that offer trading solutions on varied parameters we developed a holistic AI solution that took account of all best practices in the world of cryptocurrency trading. You will not find complicated graphs and charts on AI Trader, instead carefully developed strategies to trade specific currencies are presented to users. To make our system completely transparent we enable you to download a complete trading history of every single strategy. Users can examine how the AI executed a trading strategy and the decisions it made exactly at what time. All our users have to do is simply select a strategy and press play. The AI takes care of the rest. We have explained the key features on this panel here.


Real-Time display of Trading Funds
The available trading funds are acquired from your exchange account and are presented in their currency form.  They are displayed on the top left corner of the strategy screen. These are the funds that can be deployed for the AI to trade with.
Multiple Choice of currencies to trade with
Choosing a currency to trade with is a simple as a click of a button. You can click on the currency you wish to trade with provided it has the required funds. Note, all currencies do not offer you the option to trade all pairs. For instance, BTC may have a long list of strategies (currencies you can trade) as compared to USDT which may have fewer options.
Trade with the power of Artificial Intelligence
To begin trading using AI all you got to do is choose a currency which you wish to trade and press the play button. The AI will now strategize and enter the trade when it’s deep learning algorithms detect the best signals and patterns for it to enter the trade. Hence pressing the play button does not mean you have bought a particular trade, it merely means you are interested in trading a particular currency and you have asked your AI to begin its processes to initiate a trade on that specific currency.
Latest Trading Results
The latest trading results give you an overview of how the AI’s strategy performed in the last 30 days. It shows you how much profit/loss the AI would have made if it was actively trading a particular pair in the last 30 days for you. It also gives you the value you would have generated if you would HODL instead. You can also download a full transaction history of any given strategy in a CSV format.
Dynamic Equity Management

The AI uses behavioral sciences to recover any losses it might have incurred whilst trading. It enters the trade back with a higher amount and attempts to recover the incurred loss. Just as a human trader would. It works hard to make you a positive return.

Three AI Strategy Modes

Cheetah, Zebra, and Elephants are time-based strategy modes you set for the AI to trade in. In the Cheetah mode, the AI is far more aggressive to buy and seek trades in comparison to the Zebra where the AI is set to have a bit more time to make its trading decisions or Elephant where it has even more time to make it’s trading transactions.

Scheduling Trades

AI Trader does not recommend you to manually schedule trades. But as a user, if you may wish to set an interval in which the AI should not participate in any trading activity you can do so by pausing that particular trading strategy, pausing all trading strategies or pausing a select group of strategies. You can do so by clicking the Pause all trading option in blue.



One Cancels Other

AI Trader is the first of its kind trading platform that enables users the option to trade with OCO (One Cancels Other). Unlike other exchange platforms where only EITHER a stop loss OR a take profit can be set, AI trader offers you a unique opportunity to trade on all pairs with the ability to place BOTH a stop loss and take profit simultaneously.

Users place a pair of orders with the “confidence” that if one order is completed the other is immediately cancelled. Our vision and the reason to deploy OCO capabilities was to empower users to “have complete control while trading”


Trade on all Currency Pairs

Unlike other platforms AI Trader enables you to trade with OCO on all pairs and cryptocurrencies offered by a supported exchange.

Live Currency Rates

The application displays the current rates of any given currency in a bitcoin equivalent figure for users to make an informed decision.

AI Powered Buy Signals

Deep Learning AI studies current market patterns using numerous indicators to analyse trends and emerging patterns and provide users with a real-time buy signal.

Dynamic Display of Market Figures

The AI Trader application shows users the market take profit and market stop loss rates based on the declared OCO parameters.




Information about all trade operations performed by AI Trader is stored in the “History” tab. The Trade History panel is the permanent record of every trade that has successfully executed. All trade history is recorded in real-time and can be viewed in its entirety through this panel.



Users can specify the period of time in which the trades took place.  You can do so by clicking the top dates display.

Search by currency

Users can search to see only the trades that have been completed associated with a particular coin. You can do so by simply entering the desired currency in the search field.

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