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Artificial Intelligence (AI) means software that after its initial programming continues to improve its performance based on the experience of the environment it has been set to ‘learn.’ Unlike in movies, where AI is characteristically portrayed as menacing, human-destroying droids, AI software has actually bettered our lives in fields as diverse as healthcare, education, safety, transportation, and entertainment.

What is AI Trader?

AI Trader is a “Next Generation Intelligent Autonomous Trading Program” that uses deep learning and machine learning algorithms to autonomously trade cryptocurrencies. It disrupts the fundamentals of volatile cryptocurrency markets by simplifying trading to two steps: (1) Pick a Strategy; and (2) Press Play. This simple approach to trading cryptocurrencies will appeal to both new and experienced investors. The application is available both on the web and on mobile platforms.

Who is AI Trader made for?

AI Trader was developed to meet the needs of all investors, new and experienced. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors too busy to follow the volatile and unpredictable crypto markets and new traders with limited trading knowledge can begin trading this highly volatile and unpredictable market with this simple “plug and play” application.


AI Trader uses Artificial Intelligence to identify patterns from big data processed by the program to recognize trends and autonomously process buy, hold and sell orders based on current market events. Once a strategy is chosen AI Trader begins trading on your behalf. It processes voluminous amounts of information and countless market indicators in real time to decide whether to buy, hold or sell at any given point in time and further checks numerous qualifiers prior to executing any trade. AI Trader executes trades without emotion, without prejudice, without fatigue and can trade relentlessly for days and months. It’s lightning quick responses to changing market conditions cannot be replicated by human traders. Notwithstanding the significant risks of trading in a highly volatile market, AI Trader was developed to enhance your profit potential.

Which Exchanges are currently supported by AI Trader?

AI TRADER currently supports the world largest Exchange, Binance for cryptocurrency trading. We also offer Leverage Trading backed by the Bitmex platform. Our team is working hard to integrate more exchanges on to the platform. We will be soon adding Kraken, Bitrex and Cobinhood on to our systems.

Are there any prerequisites for setting up my AI Trader account?

Yes, you will need to have a cryptocurrency exchange account supported by AI Trader. Currently, we support Binance and Bitmex, will be soon adding other exchanges.

Make sure you have read and considered our terms and conditions prior to setting up an account with AI Trader and that you have the necessary funds available in your account with which you wish to trade. The minimum value you must have in your account to trade a single strategy is $500 in AI mode whereas it’s $50 in OCO mode. In leverage trading, you can trade with as little as $1, provided you have 20x leverage.

What is a strategy?

A strategy is a trigger that refers to the cryptocurrency you wish to trade. Once a strategy is chosen AI Trader begins to buy and sell that particular cryptocurrency in a process designed to realize trading gains. Be advised that trading losses may also be incurred in this process.

Once I choose and activate my strategy, what do I do next?

Once you activate a chosen strategy, AI Trader begins to trade on your behalf. It processes all perceived trading opportunities using deep learning algorithms and begins trading based on emerging trends and patterns. The process is fully autonomous, from the moment you execute your strategy the AI system
manages all your trading activity. We recommend you track the performance of your strategies at least once a day to follow your trade outcomes, identify gaps in your strategy and stay on top of the markets.

How can I understand the system better?

We recommend traders use the system for at least a month to experience the benefits of trading with AI Trader. It will help you learn the system, the markets and which strategies work best for you.

How much money do I need to begin trading?

We highly recommend you allocate a minimum of $500 per strategy while trading in AI mode, whereas is OCO mode you can trade with $50 per strategy. In leverage trading, you can trade with as little as $1, provided your leverage is set to 20x.

Do you recommend certain strategies over the others?

AI Trader provides you all the performance data of all strategies for the last 30 days in the application. The gains or losses of every strategy over the last 30 days is available for your review. You can choose which strategies work for you on a short, mid or long-term basis against your goals. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future returns in a highly volatile market, but it may help you identify the trends, patterns, and trajectories of trading particular cryptocurrencies to permit a more informed decision on strategy.

How can I get help and support?

We are online with you 24/7 in support, so you can chat with us live simply by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the trading page. Be advised our support staff offer only technical support and will not advise on strategy, trading performance or prevailing market conditions.



The Dashboard provides you with a snapshot overview of all trading strategies you have adopted at a given time interval. Users can change these dates by simply clicking on the date intervals and selecting a new “from and to” date from the calendars. “Total Trades” displays the total number of trades AI Trader executed in this time interval. “Total Profit” displays the gains AI Trader has yielded in executing your strategy. “Total Loss” displays the losses it has made. “Average Equity” displays the average amount you have allocated to all your strategies. “Available Equity” displayed on the dashboard reflects the available funds you currently have to trade with.

What is Wallet Balance?

Your wallet balance refers to the Bitcoin equivalent money you have available via your exchange account to trade with. To add more funds please visit your exchange account.

What is the percentage value that I see on the top right corner?

The percentage figure displays the total gain or loss you have made to date with your strategies.

What are latest Trending Results?

The latest trending results show you the gain or loss percentages any particular strategy has made in the last 30 days. A click on the result shows you a comparison of how AI Trader performed in trading during the period against simply holding on to that currency for the last 30 days. Here you can also download a detailed trading history of that strategy to examine the trading behavior of AI Trader at a granular level over the period.

What is Binance or Bitmex 24h Volume?

24-hour volume is the total volume of buy or sell orders (i.e. orders that are filled whether it is buy orders or sell orders).

How do I assign equity to any given strategy?

You can set the amount you wish to trade with on any given strategy by clicking on the max equity number detailed in its respective row. Once clicked, a pop-up prompts you to enter the maximum equity you would like to allocate for this strategy.

What is dynamic equity management?

AI Trader will seek to recover any losses it might have incurred whilst trading your strategy. It enters the trade back with a higher amount and attempts to recover the incurred loss. This feature is designed to ensure to achieve the best returns possible notwithstanding the prevailing market conditions and your strategy

How can I pause or stop trading?

You can pause or stop any given strategy or all strategies at once at any time. To stop a single strategy just click the “Stop” icon next to that strategy. To stop all strategies just click “Stop All Strategy” in the top right corner. We also offer our users the ability to pause all trading in any time interval of their choice. Click the “Pause all Strategies” button in the top right corner and set the time interval for the same.

What are Cheetah, Zebra and Elephant buttons that I see on the top?

Cheetah, Zebra, and Elephant are time-based AI trading modes you set for AI Trader to trade in. In Cheetah mode, AI Trader aggressively pursues trading opportunities in the market, Zebra adopts a more moderate trading timeline and Elephant mode takes the most time to make a single decision.

Do you use an authenticator?

To add an additional layer of security to your account we recommend using Google Authenticator. Google Authenticator is a mobile security application based on two-factor authentication (2FA) that helps to verify user identities before granting them access to websites and services. To set-up the same click on the “Account” icon in the top right-hand corner. It will open a new page where you select Google Authenticator and follow the steps to secure your account.

Can I set a common max equity for all my trades?

Yes, you can set a default max equity by entering this in the Account settings panel. We recommend a minimum equity of $500 to allow the Dynamic Equity Management algorithm to perform effectively. You can change max equity values on each strategy by clicking on that specific strategy’s max equity amount.

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