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The biggest risk in world of cryptocurrencies is not taking any risk… In the ever changing crypto markets leverage trading was built for those who believe the only strategy guaranteed to fail is the one that entails no risks. At AI trader your can plug-in your leverage account with their API key. We strongly recommend that you set your leverage at 20x and let our AI autonomously trade on your behalf. It’s harnesses the power of machine learning to read and interpret real-time patterns and makes swift trading decisions. In-built deep learning tools allow these decisions to be made on basis of all big data that we have collated for the AI to trade. We have witnessed astounding results on our master accounts which recently even touched over 400% in net gains.




The AI Trader Dashboard provides an overview of your entire AI trading account. All essential trading information is collated here. It gives you a summary and a snapshot of both your trading history and your current trading performance metrics. It enables you to build a wider perspective on your trading life-cycle with AI Trader. We have explained the key features of our dashboard here


Wallet Balance

Displays the current funds you have available in your Bitmex account. This is saves you the trouble to jog back and forth from one platform to another to know your current funds. Once AI Trader finishes trading a particular strategy the net gains are added or deducted to this figure.


This figure reflects the total sum of money in a bitcoin equivalent figure, you have invested in AI Trader strategies at any given point in time.


Give you an overview of your trading activity in the defined time frame. You can change the time frame by clicking on the dates displayed. It summarizes the total trades you took part in, the total profits and losses you yielded.

24 Hour Trading Activity

Here you get your trading activity, for all trades your either currently in or the trades that you took part in the last 24 hours.




The strategy panel is your primary trading tool. AI Trader was developed based on two core principles, “keep it simple” & “make it transparent”. We have intentionally kept our platform simple. Instead of offering several bots that offer trading solutions on varied parameters we developed a holistic AI solution that took account of all best practices in the world of cryptocurrency trading. You will not find complicated graphs and charts on AI Trader, instead carefully developed strategies to trade specific currencies are presented to users. To make our system completely transparent we enable you to download a complete trading history of every single strategy. Users can examine how the AI executed a trading strategy and the decisions it made exactly at what time. All our users have to do is simply select a strategy and press play. The AI takes care of the rest. We have explained the key features on this panel here.


Trade with the power of Artificial Intelligence
To begin trading using AI all you got to do is choose a currency which you wish to trade and press the play button. The AI will now strategise and enter the trade when it’s deep learning algorithms detect the best signals and patterns for it to enter the trade. Hence pressing the play button does not mean you have bought a particular trade, it merely means you are interested in trading a particular currency and you have asked your AI to begin its processes to initiate a trade on that specific currency.
Latest Trading Results
The latest trading results give you an overview of how the AI’s strategy performed in the last 30 days. It shows you how much profit/loss the AI would have made if it was actively trading a particular pair in the last 30 days for you. It also gives you the value you would have generated if you would HODL instead. You can also download a full transaction history of any given strategy in a CSV format.
Dynamic Equity Management

The AI uses behavioral sciences to recover any losses it might have incurred whilst trading. It enters the trade back with a higher amount and attempts to recover the incurred loss. Just as a human trader would. It works hard to make you a positive return.

Current leverage vaule

Dynamically displays the current value of leverage you have set in Bitmex for any given pair. We strongly recommend you set this multiplier at 20X.




Information about all trade operations performed by AI Trader is stored in the “History” tab. The Trade History panel is the permanent record of every trade that has successfully executed. All trade history is recorded in real-time and can be viewed in its entirety through this panel.



Users can specify the period of time in which the trades took place.  You can do so by clicking the top dates display.

Search by currency

Users can search to see only the trades that have been completed associated with a particular coin. You can do so by simply entering the desired currency in the search field.

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